We have several videos that you may enjoy on our Eco Hair and Beauty YouTube channel – please subscribe to hear about new videos as they are released.

Watch our recent video on Mirror Talkers. These are eco-tips on mirrors to encourage conversations about sustainable haircare:

Our three-minute introduction to the free sustainable stylist certificate in our virtual salon:

7 role-play training videos (each 1-2 mins) using Mirror Talkers

9 training videos (all 1-2 mins) to support Mirror Talkers (eco-tips on mirrors)

An older eight-minute playlist of quick tips with advice for your clients on how to save time and energy with shampoo, conditioner and colouring

A five-minute playlist of eco products including conditioners, hair oils, salt spray, dry shampoo and hair dust

Denise Baden, Professor of Sustainable Business talks about sustainable hairdressing:

Denise Baden’s TedX presentation ‘What hairdressers can tell us about sustainability’: