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Eco Hair YouTube Channel

A list of videos relating to green trends, sustainability and environmentally friendly practices in hair & beauty can be found here.

Our YouTube channel has lots of helpful videos with tips on keeping hair healthy, from using dry shampoo to leave in conditioners.

CLICK HERE to go straight to our YouTube Channel!

Below are two playlists. They are a collection of several short videos we created for you. The first playlist contains videos on how to advise clients. The second playlist is a collection of videos on different eco friendly products.

Alternatively you can use the playlists below. These playlist contain the same clips as above but in small individual clips. This means you can pick and choose what clips you would like to use in class instead of watching every clip.

In addition to our hands-on mini clips we filmed ourselves, Ecohair and beauty teamed up with (MHD) to develop a series of 4 videos about sustainable hairdressing. Feel free to make use of any of these in your training.

Click here for the video (9:18 mins). This gives a general background to the key concepts. Although video 3 ties these issues more clearly to hairdressing practice, this video is also a useful educational tool. EDU-TIP: after sections where the video raises issues of waste, global warming, etc. ask trainees to talk among themselves and discuss how these issues affect them personally. Then ask how it affects hairdressing practices. Towards the end when they mention sustainable development indicators, SDIs ask them how they can measure their impact on the environment as hairdressers e.g. energy used, where energy comes from (renewable sources or not), water used, chemicals washed down sink, waste generated, carbon footprint of hair practices etc.  Then you could get them to do our quiz on the carbon footprint of haircare: see our education tab

Click here for the video(5:52 mins) As this is more about how salons choose suppliers, it is more relevant to salon owners. But also highlights what trainees might think about later on in their careers. Davinas is used as an example.

Click here for the video (12:15mins). This is our favourite one and includes interviews with eco-salons and their tips on how to go green. EDU-TIP – show to your trainees and ask them to list each eco-tip they hear, and then go through and see how many they pick up.

Click here for the video (7:52 mins). Some great advice on how to advise clients on sustainable hair-care. EDU-TIP One of the aspects they miss here is how many of the tips they recommend are also great for hair condition. All of these tips have other benefits as well as being green. For example reducing amount of shampoo used can improve hair condition; leave-in conditioner can be great for frizzy hair; dry shampoo saves time and can be used anyway. Our playlist on ‘advice to clients’ covers these aspects quite well