Here you can find links to our different surveys, some you can use in class and some are to help us here at Eco Hair make the best workshops we can!
Your feedback is very important to us.

First we have a brand new quiz which is great fun and a brilliant educational tool!
It’s all to do with washing and styling routine and will also help you calculate your own carbon footprint and help you think of ways to cut back on your energy use!



Here’s the link to our Carbon Footprint Quiz!


If you don’t want to use the whole quiz you can use the link below and go straight to the carbon footprint calculator – great exercise to use in class!

Click Here for our carbon footprint calculator! Find out what your weekly hair care routine carbon footprint is.

There is a  short survey specially for Trainers/Tutors to give us feedback and help us improve our practice. The final survey for Students/Trainees and will give us an insight into how sustainability is approached in salons/schools.


Trainers/Tutors Survey





Student/Trainee Survey