Stylist Certificate

Published by Cat Tarrant 15/09/2016

We have been working on a Virtual Salon at Eco Hair and Beauty AND IT IS READY!

The online ‘salon’ is for hairdressers and trainees to explore. By clicking on different areas of the salon you will learn about eco-friendly/sustainable techniques and products. You will learn how to save time, water, energy and your money!

It will take you between 30 and 60 minutes to complete, and if you need to quit you can log back in later to resume from where you were.

Click the image to go to the training.

Click the image to go to the training.

This will form part of the new Sustainable Stylist and Sustainable Salon certification we are developing with our industry partners (Habia, VTCT, Hair Council, NHF and the All Party Political Group on the hairdressing sector). The idea is that completion of the of virtual salon training platform (takes 20-60 mins) will qualify you for a sustainable stylist certificate.

Upon completing the training it will tell you how to get the certificate – please follow the simple instructions. Once completed the certificate will be with you within one week.

Click here for our VIRTUAL SALON and to get your sustainable stylist certificate!


Salons can obtain a Sustainable Salon certification upon completion of the following:

  1. 50%+ of staff have sustainable stylist certificate
  2. Salon Self-certification of sustainable practice

CLICK HERE for the FIRST DRAFT of the Self Certification