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Helping clients go green

We are collaborating on a 12 month scientific study with The Green Salon Collective. We are looking at innovative ways to reduce individual carbon and water footprints related to haircare routines by applying principles of behavioural psychology.  In particular, we will be looking at the effectiveness of mirror talkers, small messages on hairdresser mirrors, for eliciting conversations around sustainable haircare.

Participating hairdressing spaces will be given a selection of mirror talkers as well as instructions and training to take part in the study. These spaces will also be given unique QR code stickers so their clients can easily learn more about their participation in the study.

After a set period of time, hairdressers and their clients will be either surveyed or interviewed. All of this data will be analysed by Professor Baden and her research assistant, Stephanie Hodgson, and will be included in the scientific journal article that we intend to publish toward the end of 2022.

We will be sending out Participant Packages in February and training staff in March. All who take part in this study will not only be credited for their contributions on our social media channels but will also be mentioned in the journal article. Those wishing to remaining anonymous may do so.

To learn more about the study or to express your interest in taking part, get in touch with Stephanie at

mirror stickers with green messages for clients