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Fun at Roadshow

On the 19th April, Eco Hair and Beauty visited Dorchester to take part in a Roadshow at the Thomas Hardye School. After great success and fun at the event last year, we were excited to go back.

Over the full day we spoke to over 430 students at our stand, mostly 13-14 year olds.

Over the course of the day groups of 10 students visited our stand for 10 minutes. This is our chance to educate them on eco haircare and what we do! Then, they move round to the next stand, like a carousel. This was repeated throughout the day.

This was a great first event for Eco Hair to get used to getting out on the road with our research – relatively close, everyone’s very friendly, and it’s a tiring but always very fun day!

It was such fun! We really enjoyed talking to young people and the interest and surprise they showed during our time really reinforced our desire to educate and let everyone know about the problems we are facing with sustainability in the hair and beauty sector.

Some of the students having fun with Curlformers.
Some of the students having fun with Curlformers.



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