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Leave-in Conditioner

Our top hair product for 2015 has to be leave-in conditioners. These are fantastic news for anyone with fine or flyaway hair as they give more texture and provide more body. This can make hair hang better and easier to style.

Leave-in conditioners are also great news for those with long hair, where that extra rinse-out can take a lot of time and water. Some leave-in conditioners are creams that can be massaged in and some are sprays that are spray in. Either way they can save lots of time.

Leave in oils such as Moroccan oil and Argan oil are increasingly popular too as they make hair feel fabulously soft, without being greasy and can also speed up blow-drying time.

The advantage of leave-in oils and conditioners is that they save time, energy and money as they do not require rinsing out. Many do not realise that a power shower is the most energy intensive appliance we use – a massive 7500 W (the next highest appliance are tumble dryers at 2400 watts, hairdryers are 2000 watts, computers and TVs are less than 300w.

So simply cutting out an extra rinse cycle saves both time and money and helps the environment. For example cutting out 3 minutes rinse time using a normal shower would save the average UK family £416 a year. You may also be helping your skin, as research suggests that most of us shower too often which can dry out and irritate the skin, and also remove friendly bacteria needed to keep skin healthy.

You can check out how changing your haircare routine affects your carbon footprint too using our carbon calculator Click here for the Carbon Footprint Calculator