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Natural Hair Tips by Vixen and Blush

Our lovely friends over at Vixen and Blush have sent us this guide to naturally beautiful hair. Keep reading for free (and natural) tips to avoid a bad hair days.

Christmas may be over, but that’s no reason to stop partying– well how else would you be able to show off your savvy sales buys?
Unfortunately all those styling products, late nights, festive cocktails and boxes of chocolates can wreak havoc on your hair, leaving it looking limp, greasy and generally unhealthy.
The party season is probably the most stressful time of the year for your hair, so it’s worth making a bit more of an effort to make sure your locks stay fresh and healthy all day and all night. We’ve found this clever infographic which is full of easy tips on how to avoid a bad hair day (or week, or month) during the holidays without spending a penny. And all the tips are eco-friendly, of course.
Here are a few of our favourites:
1. Put your products to work
We’re all guilty of splurging on hair products that do pretty much the same job – frizz cream, hairspray, holding mousse – let’s face it, they’re all basically just keeping stray hairs in place. Cut back on waste and save yourself money by choosing one great hair product and making it work extra hard. Hairspray is the obvious choice. Spritz a bit on your brush before you tease your locks into place, rather than spraying a cloud of product around your finished do. Tame any wispy bits by applying a little bit of hairspray to a toothbrush and smoothing everything into place. Voila – shiny, frizz-free and well-sculpted hair.
2. Cheat it with an up-do
This is the time to perfect your signature up-do. Start by rubbing some organic oil between your hands (argan oil and coconut oil are great) and run them through your hair, focusing on the dry ends. Then scrape your hair into a high ponytail and tie securely. Now you can go nuts. Backcomb and pin for a tousled look; or feed hair through a sock bun for sophisticated glamour. The oil should make the scraped back hair look shiny and sleek while also nourishing your hair and scalp while you’re out; and the up-do adds interest and keeps long hair away from your face and out of the elements.

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3. Let mother nature help
We are all about keeping your hair care regime eco-friendly, and there’s nothing more eco-friendly than solar power! The sun might not be sending us much warmth at this time of year, but sit by a window in the afternoon and the sun will help to dry your hair naturally, saving your hair (and the environment) from the ravages of the hairdryer. To speed things up, towel dry your hair first with a very soft towel (rough fabric may cause split ends), and blast your hair with the cool setting on the hairdryer once it is almost done. This uses up much less energy and will leave your hair looking shiny and naturally voluminous.
4. Sharing is caring
Keep an eye out for interesting new hair tips and styles on social media and the websites of top hairdressing salons. You can find inspiration in the strangest places, and sometimes all it takes is one new idea to completely revamp your holiday hair or give your mane a makeover. And if you have any eco-friendly hair care tips of your own, don’t be shy about sharing them! From avocado hair masks to beer rinses – it’s amazing how many cheap and eco-friendly alternatives are out there.

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