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Student/Trainee Survey

We have designed a survey for students who are enrolled onto hairdressing courses and we hope to compare results from the beginning of their training with the end. The survey will be used to provide insight into current beliefs regarding sustainability and help to identify if there are any gaps in knowledge amongst students.  The survey has been developed, not only to assist in research, but importantly to act as a learning tool for students and raise awareness about more sustainable and responsible ways of working.

Please find the link for the survey below;

Please share this link with students who are enrolled onto hairdressing courses and ask them to complete the survey as honestly as they can. We would be grateful if you could do this as soon as possible as we would like to catch them reasonably early in their course. You may choose to ask them to complete in class, in which case you can be certain they have done it, but if you ask them to complete in their own time, we are happy to let you know numbers who participated so you can get feedback on how many did it, or alternatively you can ask them to email the final thank you page to you as proof of completion. You can see the questions by clicking on the link and just clicking through the survey without answering.

Results may be written up and published, but summarising results from all colleges as a whole, without identifying participating colleges. However we are also happy to provide colleges with results privately for their institution only so they can check their students’ levels of awareness and learning.