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The problem with foil

There still is no magic solution to the issue of recycling foil ā€“ or if Iā€™m wrong, email us on
At the moment in the UK the vast majority of our councils won’t collect dirty foil to recycle. In order for salons to recycle foil here they would need to rinse the colour off before disposing of it which isn’t really a viable option for many salons as the majority of a junior’s time would be spent rinsing foil because they go through so much.

We have recently heard of a product that claims to be a reusable alternative to foils – colorcones. these are individual gadgets that isolate the hair for colouring before the product is applied to enable precise highlighting and colour placement. Let us know what you think!
You can also check out offer a recycling facility for salon waste, adopting circular economy approaches.

Foil photo by Natalie Grubb on Unsplash