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The Power of Dry Shampoo

(Above is our 55sec video on time saving and styling)


Dry shampoo is a product that has been hailed as a wonder product of the modern age and is growing in popularity, but things weren’t always as glamourous as I discovered when I met celebrity hairdresser, Lee Stafford.

Lee recalled that there was a time when dry shampoo was on the bottom of every shelf collecting dust and smelt of old socks. It was only when a girl who had her hair blow dried and straightened by Lee on a regular basis wanted to extend the life of her blow dry that he thought about changing things. Her hair was naturally very curly and so he began using dry shampoo to soak up the excess oil. When Lee reviewed the dry shampoo market, and could either choose from ‘the one that smelt like old socks’ or ‘the one that smelt like old socks’ he decided to reinvent the product and rebrand it with his very own bright, pink packaging.


Dry shampoo is not a new product and has been around since the 1960’s when it was used by people who couldn’t wash their hair. The product was applied to their roots to soak up excess oil which meant that their hair looked fresher in between washes.

Nowadays, it has been reinvented and new formulas can make your hair smell like essential oils, it can add sparkle to your locks, it can add colour to hide your roots, it can give you LOTS of volume and most importantly it can still make unwashed hair look great!

Dry shampoo is also a great styling product and it is an essential backstage at fashion shows to help achieve volume, texture and manageability.


It is a product that can be recommended to clients time and time again to help them to recreate styles at home. It is great for clients who want manageable hair, to recreate an updo or for those with fine hair whose roots tend to go flat despite being squeaky clean.


John Lewis also reported in August 2014 that sales of dry shampoo had increased by 13% as the summer festivals approached. Dry shampoo is great for festivals and gives your unwashed hair a fresh feel when you don’t have time to repeat the long process of washing, drying and styling.

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In fact saving time is a massive benefit of dry shampoo and because you don’t need to expose your hair to heat, water and detergents all over again it can actually improve hair condition and improve the longevity of coloured hair.
Here at Eco Hair and Beauty we have recognised that the environmental benefits of dry shampoo are far reaching, and it appears that we are not alone. Unilever found that using dry shampoo instead of washing your hair can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90%.

They hope to promote the use of dry shampoo to reduce water and electricity consumption. By using, and recommending dry shampoo we have the chance to make a significant reduction in how much water and electricity we produce in the UK and this is something that is on the agenda for cosmetic suppliers too.


Our survey which you can access online can help to engage learners with sustainable hair care practices. It can help them to realise the economic, environmental and social benefits of dry shampoo so that they have the confidence to recommend such sustainable products and practices to their clients throughout their career as a hair stylist.

Dry shampoo has certainly come a long way since it was first introduced and opting to revive hair with the product can save time, improve manageability and hair condition as well as helping the environment, what’s not to love?