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Top 6 Eco Products for 2016!

Top 6 Eco Salon Products

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Lush Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a great styling product that can save time, water, electricity and detergents. Lush products are not tested on animals and use natural and sustainable ingredients.

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Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in conditioners are good for fine hair, give more texture and make hair feel soft, without being greasy, as do leave-in oils. These save time, energy and money as they do not require rinsing out.



Easydry Single Use Towels

Easydry was the first ever disposable eco-friendly towel. The towels do not need washing, drying or folding which makes them a great alternative to regular, cotton towels.



Ecoheads replace regular shower heads but can cut down water usage by 50% whilst doubling the water pressure. It reduces impurities in water which creates smoother and shinier hair for your client.



Gammu Piu Intelligent Energy Saving Dryer

This professional model uses 44% less electricity than a 2500w hair dryer yet it retains the same powerful airflow. It looks chic in the salon and it is also fully recyclable.



Curlformers can be used to create a variety of looks on short, medium or long hair. They create curls without heat which is better for the hair and does not use any electricity.


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