• Hair and Beauty Christmas

    Tips for Clients

The Christmas party season is here! Advise your clients who are going out over Christmas and are having their hair up, that this is often easier to style when hair is not freshly washed, this will save time, water, electricity and detergents!

Is your client in a rush for their Christmas party but their hair needs a boost? Recommend dry shampoo it can be used to create glamorous party hair in half the time. Plus it will save water, electricity and detergents!

Are any of your clients suffering from dry, winter hair but too much conditioner weighs their hair down? Recommend that your clients swap their conditioner for a spray leave-in-conditioner, this will help them to style their hair at home whilst saving water and electricity (WARNING…could work Christmas miracles!)

Are your clients stuck for ideas this Christmas? Encourage them to spoil themselves and opt for the bigger bottles of shampoo and conditioner, these are often better value and saves the amount of plastic being used to make them!

If clients are searching for ways to save time, make them aware that they can shampoo and condition at the same time. By cleansing the roots with shampoo, and applying conditioner to the ends…achieving clean hair in an instant! This can also be beneficial to clients with oily hair as this method can help to keep the conditioner away from their roots preventing hair from being weighed down at the roots. This will save lots of time, water and electricity.


Hair and Beauty Christmas

Tips for Salon Owners

Are the towels in the salon piling up due to the busy, festive period? Have you tried microfibre towels that dry in minimal time? Or even better single use towels that don’t need WASHING or DRYING?

Are you keeping the windows shut in the salon to keep the heat in this winter? Have you thought about the chemicals that you are trapping inside with you from colour and product fumes? Purify the air in the salon naturally and improve your staff and clients wellbeing by introducing any of the following; plants, Himalayan rock salts and yellow, pure beeswax candles.

  • Why not invest in a large, flask for busy, festive periods so that hot water is readily available for tea and coffees for clients. This can save time waiting for the kettle to boil and allow you and your staff to get on with other things. It can allows reduce electricity usage and costs as it prevents boiling unnecessary water.