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Stop the water while using me!

Water is the foundation of life.
We all need it every day.
But yet it gets wasted.
We encourage people to save water, right there, where water is used.

With a range of bathroom products, you stop wasting water:

Here at Eco Hair we like to think everyone turns off the tap when brushing their teeth, in reality we know that’s not true. Our aim to is to create a sustainable future in the hair and beauty sector and on into the general public’s daily routine.  One way we can achieve this sustainable future is by saving water.

Stop The Water While Using Me! make bathroom products, the company name branded on the bottles reminds you to turn the taps off. Here’s their story…

Not only to do they make beautiful chemical free products but they are also giving back!

Saving water is important. But it is even more important to help those one billion people who have no access to clean water. We therefore initiated Good Water Projects and donate a share of our revenue to projects that provide fresh and clean water where it is needed most.

They are doing amazing work in Tanzania, watch the video below.


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For Stop The Water While Using Me! Click Here.

Don’t stop there! Take part in our Happy Planet Challenge. We are exposed to constant marketing information from businesses whose aim is to get as many people using as much product as possible for commercial ends. It is therefore important to have independent sources of evidence, especially when using or over-using unnecessary products that can be damaging to hair, to our heating bills (heating water costs is typically the highest energy consuming activity that takes place in our homes) and to the environment. You could be surprised in how changing your hair care routine can effect the health of your hair.

You can try our Carbon Footprint Calculator and find out how much CO2 you created a week for your haircare routine.